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9 Helpful Solutions for Warm and Cool Spots in Your Home

When it comes to your Dauphin County home, you want to maximize your comfort. You want your air to be clean and the temperature to be even throughout. However, this isn’t always an easy task. If your HVAC system runs into a problem, it can cause uneven heating in your home. Fear not, however, because MT Heating and Cooling in Johnstown, PA is here to help. Below you will find nine tips and solutions for avoiding warm and cool spots throughout your home. 

Check Your Filter 

If your filter is clogged with dirt, dust, and other debris, the air your furnace or air conditioner creates may not be able to pass through. Then it can’t get out into your home to keep you and your family comfortable. If you notice warm and cool spots in your home, this is a great place to start. Sometimes, all you have to do is simply clean or replace your filter. 

Ensure Your Vents Are Not Blocked

When you place furniture near your air vents or return air ducts, this can also trap the air. If you notice a warm or cool spot, check the vents in the area and make sure they are clear. 

Check For Drafts

If your windows or doors aren’t properly sealed, the hot air outside can come in or the warm air in your Dauphin county home can leak out. This causes warm or cool spots. If you notice that the areas around your doors and windows are usually colder, you may want to invest in more energy-efficient ones. Additionally, buying blinds or curtains can also help insulate your windows. 

Adjust Ceiling Fans

The direction that your ceiling fan is rotating can also affect the air in your home. Your fan should turn counter-clockwise during summer to provide a cool downward breeze. On the other hand, the fan should slowly turn clockwise in the winter to help distribute warm air evenly. 

Set Thermostat Fan to “On”

Most thermostats have two fan settings, “Auto” and “On.” “Auto” means that your fan turns on and off with your furnace or air conditioner. “On” keeps your fan running constantly. This way it is constantly filtering the air in your Dauphin County home and can help heat your home more evenly. 

Insulate Your Home

Every room in your home may not be connected to your HVAC system. This is very common for attics and basement. However, if these areas are not properly insulated, you could be losing your conditioned air in these areas. If you think this is the case, talk to MT Heating and Cooling about insulating your home. 

Repair or Add Ducts

If your air ducts are damaged, you could be losing heat through leaks. Then some of the conditioned air never even makes it into your home. This can also cause your system to run longer and your energy bills to rise. Contact MT Heating and cooling to help ensure that your air ducts are in good shape. 

Install a Home Zoning System

A home zoning system can give you even more control over the air in your home. It divides your Dauphin County home into sections using dampers in your air ducts. Then each zone can be controlled individually. This allows you to direct the air mainly to the rooms you are occupying so you can be comfortable. It can help you save energy and money as well. Talk to MT Heating and Cooling to learn more. 

Contact MT Heating and Cooling for More Help

If you need more help solving your uneven heating solutions, you can also contact the professionals at MT Heating and cooling in Johnstown, PA. You can do so by visiting our website here: You can also call us at 717-525-9665.