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We are MT.

Serving New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, MT is a team of experts who know how to keep the comfort and energy you pay for where it belongs — in your home or office. We provide mastery-level knowledge of building science. We understand what your residential or commercial space needs to create the desired climate with top air quality while controlling the flow of water around your building.

We’re an environmentally conscious, locally owned provider who recycles appliances, cares about our carbon footprint, and prioritizes sustainability and energy efficiency.


In business since 2007, we’ve built our reputation on outstanding customer service and vast knowledge of energy and cost saving measures. Matt Tenny and his team of experts extend the signature MT focus on knowledge and customer service to all of the critical interior and exterior components of your home or building. 

We don’t try to sell you what you don’t need. We teach you how to keep what is still able to be used and how to best use all aspects of your equipment for maximum efficiency. This eco-friendly approach is practical, sustainable, and without technology bias.


Our family of companies, MT Weatherization,  MT Heating & Cooling, reduce energy consumption in building structures by improving energy efficiency and maintaining control of the factors impacting your home or office,such as the flow of water around your building. Our building scientists are certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and conduct expert analyses of structures to diagnose prescriptive measures which will allow buildings to run more efficiently.

Our Future

With the use of cutting-edge technologies and high-quality materials, we strive to reduce energy consumption in the Mid-Atlantic Region, alleviating strain on local power production facilities, conserving natural resources and providing improved thermal comfort and air quality to our customers’ homes and offices. We believe in what we do. We have the expertise to do both: help the earth and help your home.

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