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Reasons to Call MT Heating and Cooling to Weatherize Your Home

When it comes to your Dauphin County home, there are many elements that contribute to how much energy you use. Between multiple heat loss, leaving appliances on when you aren’t using them, and other issues, there are many ways you can waste energy in your home.

One area that is important to focus on improving is your HVAC system. There are many different elements that can contribute to how much energy your HVAC system is using. However, MT Heating and Cooling in Johnstown, PA is here to help with our weatherization services. Read on to learn more. 

Learn Where You Stand

Do you know how much energy you use while keeping your family comfortable? Do you know how much energy you are losing? If not, MT Heating and Cooling can help you figure it out by performing an energy audit. If you are looking to save money on your utility bills or just make your Johnstown home more efficient, then an energy audit is the best place to start. 

When MT Heating and Cooling visits your home for an energy audit, we will analyze your energy bills, inspect your home, and use special equipment to take precise measurements. Once the audit is complete, we will be able to tell you how much energy is being used to heat your home and where this energy is being used or lost. 

Get Recommendations

Once we know how much energy your HVAC system is using and where it is being used wastefully, MT Heating and Cooling can provide you with solutions to make your home more efficient. For instance, if you have a broken air duct that is leaking, we can help you fix it. Even if we cannot personally fix the issue, such as poorly insulated windows, we can help set you on the right track to make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. 

Improve Your Dauphin County Home

There are many systems and appliances in the HVAC market that can improve your Dauphin County home. MT Heating and Cooling can help you purchase and install many of them. Here are just a few popular solutions. 

Programmable Thermostats – Programmable thermostats allow you to control the temperature of your home while you are not around and makes using your HVAC system more convenient than ever. All you have to do is program a schedule once and your system will continue to follow that schedule until you change it. You will rarely have to touch your thermostat ever again. 

Home Zoning Systems – If you have uneven heating throughout your Dauphin County home, a home zoning system can help. A home zoning system divides your home into sections using dampers in the air ducts. The dampers open or close so you can direct the warm or cool air directly where you want it to go. 

Repairs and Adjustments – If your system is damaged, it can cause issues with your comfort and system’s efficiency. MT Heating and Cooling can help you repair or replace parts so your HVAC system can work properly.

Cleaning – When your system is dirty, the dust and debris can block the airflow or damage sensitive parts of your unit. It is important to schedule preventative maintenance 1-2 times per year. If your system is due for a cleaning, MT Heating and Cooling can help. 

System Replacements – If your system is old or has been needing multiple repairs lately, it may not be working well enough to keep your Johnstown home comfortable. MT Heating and Cooling can help you choose and install the best system for your home and situation. 

Contact MT Heating and Cooling Today! 

If you would like to contact MTHeating and Cooling to schedule and of our services or install any products, you can do so on our website here: Alternatively, you can also call MT Heating and Cooling at (717)-745-3665. We will help you weatherize your home so your family can be comfortable while you save energy as well as your hard-earned money.