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Ways to Help Keep Your Basement Warm This Winter in Dauphin County

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There are many reasons you may want to keep your basement warmer. Whether you spend time there, want to protect your belongings, or just want to help decrease the amount of heat lost through your basement, MT Heating and Cooling can help. Below you will find various solutions with different price ranges and effectiveness that you can consider.  


Insulation helps create a barrier to keep the heat in your Dauphin County home and the cold out. This helps you keep your basement warm as well as helping you save energy. When the warm air stays in your Johnstown home, your HVAC system doesn’t have to keep running to replace it. 

When it comes to insulation, there are multiple kinds that each work best in different situations. MT Building Services can provide expert installation of various insulation types including spray foam, blow-in, spider, fiberglass, rigid, radiant banner, and rock wool. 

Add Carpet

Carpet or other floorings can also work as a form of insulation. It also feels nicer to walk on than cold concrete.  You can choose something as budget-friendly as throw rugs or you can invest in higher quality flooring. Before you do, however, consider the condition of your basement. If it floods often, you don’t want to invest a fortune on nice flooring if there is a chance of it getting destroyed. On the other hand, if your basement stays dry and you are looking to make the space more livable, adding nice flooring is a great idea. 

Upgrade Your Windows and Doors


Doors and windows are likely one of the main places your home is losing warm air. You can help minimize this issue by ensuring that your doors and windows are properly sealed. Inspect the area and see if you feel any cold air leaking in. If possible, MT Heating and Cooling also recommends upgrading your doors and windows to more energy-efficient models. Curtains or blinds can also help provide insulation. The more you invest in, the more energy-efficient your Dauphin County home will be. 

Add Heating

Finally, you can look into adding heat to your basement. Like insulation, you have many different options. Here are some of the most popular solutions. 

Add Vents

If you currently have a forced-air HVAC system, one option you may want to consider is adding ductwork and vents to your current system. The overall cost can vary. It all depends on the layout of your basement, how much ductwork you need, and the type of ductwork. 

Heated Flooring

Radiant floor heat uses tubes or wiring embedded in your floors. The tubing or wiring carries a heated medium through your floors to warm your basement. If you are building a new home, this option is fairly easy to install. However, it can be difficult and expensive to add to a preexisting floor. 

Electric Baseboard Heaters

Electric baseboard heaters are compact and easy to install. They are commonly used for supplemental heat. They are commonly installed under windows to help counteract the cold air coming in. Their efficiency depends on how many you use and how often you run it. 

Pellet Stove


A pellet stove burns compressed wood or biomass pellet to create heat. They are efficient as long as your basement is sealed and well insulated. They are easy to control and don’t require a chimney. However, you do have to continually refill them with pellets and clean them regularly. 

Electric Space Heater

Electric space heaters are one of the most affordable options. However, most can’t heat a large space. If you are just looking to make a small section of your basement more bearable and don’t have a large budget, an electric space heater is a viable solution. 

Ductless Systems

Ductless mini-split HVAC systems are a common solution for heating small to medium areas of a home or business building. They are efficient, easy to install, and don’t require any ducts. If this sounds like the best solution for your home, contact the professionals at MT Heating and Cooling to learn more. 

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