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The importance of indoor air quality during the coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s what you need to know about air cleaners and air scrubbers.

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Much is left to learn about the coronavirus. Until then, all of us must do our part to keep our family, friends, employees and neighbors safe. Case counts are expected to increase with the onset of colder weather. With families spending more time indoors in the fall and winter months here in Harrisburg, PA, many of our customers are asking about air scrubbers. Here’s what you need to know:

  • When indoor ventilation is poor or outdoor air is limited, air scrubbers can be effective in removing contaminants and particles from the air. 
  • Air scrubbers release negative ions to combat small particles in the air and on surfaces. Air scrubbers also use HEPA filters to catch small microns. These differ from normal HVAC filters which catch large particles. 
  • The use of air cleaners alone cannot ensure safety, particularly where there is poor ventilation and pollutant sources are present. When used in combination with other protective equipment like masks and precautions like social distancing, or quarantining in one room of the house when sick, air scrubbers can help reduce airborne contaminants in the air. 
  • In addition to reducing the likelihood of germs and virus particles from traveling from room to room during high-risk times such as these, they can also be used yearound to reduce pollutants and germs during flu or allergy season. 
  • The use of an air scrubber also extends the life of your HVAC system.

For more information on air scrubbers and COVID-19, visit the EPA’s website.

Duct-mounted air scrubbers and portable air scrubbing units available.

We offer two types of air scrubbing technology: portable air scrubbing units and duct-mounted air scrubbers. Our customer service representatives will recommend a solution based on the size of your home or office and your unique situation.

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