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These flip-cap hand sanitizer gels are made with 70% alcohol and kill 99.9% of common germs. Hand sanitizer gels are available for sale in bulk. Available in 4-oz, 8-oz, and 32-oz.

4-oz flip-cap
$12,250 ($2.90/unit) ($0.725/oz)
4224 total units, 48 units/carton, 88 cartons/pallet

8-oz flip-cap
$10,055 ($3.99/unit) ($0.498/oz)
2520 total units, 24 units/carton, 105 cartons/pallet

32-oz flip-cap
$9,570 ($14.50/unit) ($0.453/oz)
660 total units, 6 units/carton, 110 cartons/pallet

*Disclaimer: Due to high demand and limited quantities, the actual product may differ slightly from what is pictured here.

Hand Sanitizer