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Start summer off right with air conditioning services from MT Heating and Cooling

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There are few feelings in life as good as walking into a cool home after working out in the summer sun. Summer is on its way and it won’t be long until you are turning your air conditioner on if you haven’t already. Is your air conditioner ready to cool your home?

While there are few feelings as good as walking into a cool room, there are also few situations as frustrating as realizing your air conditioner has broken down or won’t turn on. If you want to keep your summer plans on track without any interruptions from your HVAC it’s time to schedule maintenance or another summer service from MT Heating and Cooling.


Not only do you want to keep your air conditioner working, but you also want to save money. MT Heating and Cooling can provide the service your HVAC system needs to do both. Read on to learn more.


The one service every homeowner should schedule this summer is preventative maintenance. Even if your system is brand new and running in perfect condition, preventative maintenance from MT Heating and Cooling can help keep it that way.

When you schedule preventative maintenance from MT Heating and Cooling, we will thoroughly inspect, clean, and adjust your system for maximum efficiency. If we find any issues, we will alert you and provide you with solutions. When your system is clean and running efficiently, it won’t have to use as much energy to cool your home. This also means that you keep your utility bills low so you have more money to spend on family fun this summer.


If you do turn your system on and find out that you need a repair, MT Heating and Cooling in Johnstown, PA can help. We will visit your home, determine what the problem is, and get it fixed as quickly as possible. This way your family can be comfortable again and you can get your summer back on track.


MT Heating and Cooling can also help you find a new air conditioner for you if your current system is on its way out. Some signs that you need a new system include it being ten plus years old, needing multiple repairs, lack of efficiency, and rising utility bills.

Choosing the right system for your Hummelstown, Pennsylvania home can be overwhelming. There are so many different system’s to choose from. Let the professionals at MT Heating and Cooling help. We will help you narrow down your options, choose the right size, and install it for you. Then you can enjoy the comfort and peace of mind all summer long.


Summer is also the perfect time to update your HVAC system. With a programmable thermostat or home-zoning system, you can experience even more savings. A programmable thermostat allows you to create a routine for your air conditioner to follow. You can turn the temperature back while you aren’t home so you don’t waste energy cooling your home when you are not there.

A home-zoning system uses dampers in your air ducts to section off your home. Then you can send the cool air directly where you want it to go. You can set the rooms you are using to the perfect temperature, while not wasting energy to cool other areas of your home. Contact MT Heating and Cooling to learn more.


When your air conditioner receives the care it needs to run efficiently, you will reap the benefits. These include:

  • Saving energy by maximizing efficiency.
  • Keeping utility bills low.
  • Avoiding costly repairs.
  • Avoiding total system breakdowns.
  • Keeping your family comfortable.
  • Peace of mind.

MT Heating and Cooling can help you keep your system in great shape so you can enjoy your summer.


Your HVAC system was a large investment and is in charge of keeping your family comfortable. With this in mind, you want an HVAC contractor you can trust working on it. MT Heating and Cooling has been serving HVAC systems in the Johnstown, PA area since 2015. We train our technicians thoroughly and stay up to date with the latest HVAC technology. If you would like to schedule one of our summer services you can do so by filling out the contact form below. You can also call MT Heating and Cooling at (717)-745-3665. Have a wonderful summer!

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