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We believe in creating a more sustainable future. The homes and buildings in which we spend our time can be large contributors to our carbon footprint. Take a look at the homes and buildings we currently have on the market. 

When we invest in a property to turn it into a more sustainable home or building, here are a few of the things we might do:

  • Inspect and analyze the condition of HVAC system, and replace with more efficient equipment if necessary.
  • If leaving the HVAC system as-is, updating the equipment to utilize a 5” air filter. This size air filter allows for maximum efficiency, and less maintenance for the owner.
  • Analyze the existing structure and equipment to determine where energy is escaping.
  • Inspect the existing insulation, and make repairs or replacements as necessary.  
  • Inspect the spouting and gutters, and make any necessary repairs or install new equipment. We also consider how to best keep water away from the building’s foundation, such as adding a rain barrel or installing a downspout extension. 


Currently no Residential properties for rent.


621 Laudermilch Rd., Hummelstown, PA 17036
Main Office - 2300 sq ft // Warehouse - 3750 sq ft // Parking Front - .3 acre (13000 sq ft) // Parking Rear - .63 acre (27500 sq ft) // Second Office - 711 sq ft // Rental - 627 sq ft

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