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Heating & Cooling

Clean, high-quality air has always been part of the MT Building Services mission.

Air purification filters, portable air scrubbers, and HVAC maintenance contribute to clean air.

hvac maintenance

When we opened our doors in 2007, we had a vision of a small business that prioritized the best interest of its customers and what’s best for the future of our planet. Part of our mission was always to help our communities in Harrisburg, Hershey, Camp Hill and Mechanicsburg, PA have clean, high-quality air.

Annual maintenance plans to keep your HVAC unit in good condition.

While clean air begins with the right HVAC equipment for your building, ductwork, and habits, it takes regular maintenance to keep high-quality air in your home or office. Filter replacement, emptying of the water condensation unit, and ductwork cleaning keep a heating and cooling system up and running for the long term and help to avoid costly repairs or replacements. We believe HVAC maintenance should be affordable. Our team of HVAC experts, who have a homebase in Hummelstown, PA, offer two clean and tune options. $199 per year includes one visit in early summer and once in fall; $149 per year includes one visit per year.

Call our team at 717-525-9665 to learn more about maintenance options or to schedule an appointment.

hvac office

Aerus air scrubber equipment for sale for your home, office or small business.

Today, in the age of the coronavirus pandemic, that mission for helping our residential and commercial clients achieve clean air has driven us to provide Aerus air scrubbing filters, portable Aerus air scrubbers, and PPE for sale.

According to the EPA, while air scrubber filters or portable units are not enough alone to protect people from COVID-19, this technology can help reduce virus particles and other airborne contaminants from the air in a room or building. Speak to our HVAC experts to determine the best air cleaning system for your home or office. They will ask you a series of questions on the size of your space, your existing HVAC unit, and the existing ductwork to determine the best solution to do your part to keep your customers, employees and family safe.

Call our team at 717-525-9665 for more information on portable air scrubbers and air scrubbing filters.